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Last active December 5, 2023 20:53
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Convert iTerm2 "itermcolors" file to VSCode terminal color scheme
/* Generate colors using */
const col = [] // run your .itermcolors file through the above parser and replace the array with the output
function componentToHex(c) {
const hex = c.toString(16)
return hex.length === 1 ? `0${hex}` : hex
const mapping = {
'terminal.background':'Background Color',
'terminal.foreground':'Foreground Color',
'terminalCursor.background':'Cursor Text Color',
'terminalCursor.foreground':'Cursor Color',
'terminal.ansiBlack':'Ansi 0 Color',
'terminal.ansiBlue':'Ansi 4 Color',
'terminal.ansiBrightBlack':'Ansi 8 Color',
'terminal.ansiBrightBlue':'Ansi 12 Color',
'terminal.ansiBrightCyan':'Ansi 14 Color',
'terminal.ansiBrightGreen':'Ansi 10 Color',
'terminal.ansiBrightMagenta':'Ansi 13 Color',
'terminal.ansiBrightRed':'Ansi 9 Color',
'terminal.ansiBrightWhite':'Ansi 15 Color',
'terminal.ansiBrightYellow':'Ansi 11 Color',
'terminal.ansiCyan':'Ansi 6 Color',
'terminal.ansiGreen':'Ansi 2 Color',
'terminal.ansiMagenta':'Ansi 5 Color',
'terminal.ansiRed':'Ansi 1 Color',
'terminal.ansiWhite':'Ansi 7 Color',
'terminal.ansiYellow':'Ansi 3 Color'
console.log(JSON.stringify(Object.keys(mapping).reduce((obj, vsCodeKey) => {
const itermKey = mapping[vsCodeKey]
const red = componentToHex(Math.round(col[0][itermKey]['Red Component'] * 255))
const green = componentToHex(Math.round(col[0][itermKey]['Green Component'] * 255))
const blue = componentToHex(Math.round(col[0][itermKey]['Blue Component'] * 255))
obj[vsCodeKey] = `#${red}${green}${blue}`
return obj
}, {}), null, 2))
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Thanks for sharing this, Sam! I just adapted this script to take a json file as an argument and threw it up in a gist here:

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2xAA commented Apr 12, 2020

@experimatt No problem, glad it was useful 😁

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t1-10 commented Aug 5, 2021

I'm on iTerm2 Build 3.4.8. I didn't fine the .itermcolors file. But I was able to generate vscode config with these steps:

  1. In iTerm preferences on the Profiles section on Colors tab on the bottom left corner press Other Actions -> Save Profile as JSON.
  2. Copy the content of the generated JSON file to this gist's con constant like this: con = [<the json file content>]
  3. Run the rest of the gist.

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