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typedef struct {
char id[11]; // "YUMEConfig"
char difficulty;
char playchar_paletted[2]; // ID of the player character in the same format as in playchar_palleted in player.h
char pl_is_cpu[2];
long random_seed;
char unused;
char music_mode;
char input_mode
bool game_over;
score_lebcd_t score_last[2];
char mode; /* 0x01 = Story mode
0x7F = Demo mode
0x80 = Player vs CPU
0x81 = Player vs Player
0x82 = CPU vs CPU */
char story_opponents[10]; // Character IDs are the same as in playchar_paletted
char stage_id;
char lifes;
bool story_beat; // Will cause OP.EXE to open the name registry
char credits_remaining;
bool op_fast_load;
char skill;
bool demo_active; // Doesn't get reset to 0 immediatly when the demo finishes
} resident_t;
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