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Set latest config using gist cli
gist -u 234409331d0e01851a5e4cf1402c604d ~/
gist -u 005449d0adaa90d798f4bc0b93bebe27 ~/.bookmarks
brew list > brewList.txt
gist -u 8dade12e382afa0be6ee59d1b6b73d05 ~/brewList.txt
gist -u 903202277e1f22dd06fbc7127363c795 ~/.bashrc
gist -u d968207d98c8984849ca2f7349e8ac48 ~/.bash_profile
gist -u ed2ac2193c29b43b07a56ffb5b55d8fd ~/.vimrc
gist -u f05dabf617e353a98f5faa051704dafb ~/.zshrc
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