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get annotation overlay with images by using python
#!/usr/bin/env python3
import multiresolutionimageinterface as mir
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import cv2
import numpy as np
reader = mir.MultiResolutionImageReader()
mr_image ='/home/wli/Downloads/tumor_036.tif')
Ximageorg, Yimageorg = mr_image.getDimensions()
dims = mr_image.getLevelDimensions(4)
#Ximage = (Ximage+240//2)//240
#Ximage = 4000
#Yimage = (Yimage+240//2)//240
#Yimage = 2000
import xml.etree.ElementTree as et
import pandas as pd
import math
def convert_xml_df (file):
parseXML = et.parse(file)
root = parseXML.getroot()
dfcols = ['Name', 'Order', 'X', 'Y']
df_xml = pd.DataFrame(columns=dfcols)
for child in root.iter('Annotation'):
for coordinate in child.iter('Coordinate'):
Name = child.attrib.get('Name')
Order = coordinate.attrib.get('Order')
X_coord = float(coordinate.attrib.get('X'))
# X_coord = X_coord - 30000
X_coord = ((X_coord)*dims[0])/Ximageorg
Y_coord = float(coordinate.attrib.get('Y'))
# Y_coord = Y_coord - 155000
Y_coord = ((Y_coord)*dims[1])/Yimageorg
df_xml = df_xml.append(pd.Series([Name, Order, X_coord, Y_coord], index = dfcols), ignore_index=True)
df_xml = pd.DataFrame(df_xml)
return (df_xml)
annotations = convert_xml_df('/home/wli/Downloads/tumor_036.xml')
x_values = list(annotations['X'].get_values())
y_values = list(annotations['Y'].get_values())
xy = list(zip(x_values,y_values))
#image = cv2.imread('/home/wli/Downloads/tumor_036.xml', -1)
tile =mr_image.getUCharPatch(0, 0, dims[0], dims[1], 4)
#canvas = np.zeros((Ximage, Yimage, 3), np.uint8) # fix the division
coords = np.array([xy], dtype=np.int32)
#cv2.drawContours(canvas, [coords],-1, (0,255,0), -1)
cv2.polylines(tile, [coords], isClosed=True, color=(0,0,255), thickness=5)
cv2.imshow("tile", tile);cv2.waitKey();cv2.destroyAllWindows()
#cv2.fillConvexPoly(mask, coords,1)
#mask = mask.astype(np.bool)
#output = np.zeros_like(image)
#output[mask] = image[mask]
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asap and code

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I tried the code in windows. It is working. I find an interesting color problem
(We will not worry about color information now). The left image is from ASAP GUI, and the right one is from python. The colors are opposite: purple in GUI is displayed as pink in python, and pink in GUI is displayed as purpler in python.

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