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I propose the use of Status Network infrastructure to do this.

    graph TB
        ethereum["Ethereum Network"]
        server[" Service"]
        subgraph Status Network
            public["Public Chat"]
            private["Private Messages"]
            nodes["User Nodes"] 
        ethereum --> server;
        server --> public;
        public --> nodes;
        server --> private;
        private --> server;
        nodes --> private;
        private --> nodes;

For every transaction that happens, when it detects a transaction, it message to the recipient wallet the txid using Status Network.

When a user wants to read their pending transaction list, they simply sync a public chat:

	graph TB
        server["Status GmbH Service"]
        nodes["User Nodes"]  
        network["Public Chat"]

        server --> nodes;
        nodes --> network

When a user wants to read their pending transaction details, the requests are made in private chats.

	graph TB
        server["Status Service"]
        nodes["User Nodes"]  
        network["Private Messages"]

        server --> network;
        network --> server;
        nodes --> network;
        network --> nodes;

Status Service only answer to messages signed by the wallet (or by a representative chatid which can authenticate in Server using a signed message from wallet at install)

    participant Server
    participant Network
    participant Node
    loop Public Rooms 
        Server->>Network: Broadcast Pending Tx
            Note left of Network: ROOM 0x3D59(...)F415: <br/> ethereum:tx-0xb9ad(...)3586 <br/> ethereum:tx-0x9e6a(...)Fc762
        Network->>Node: Sends History of Pending Txs  
    loop Private Message 
        Node->>Network: Pending Tx Details?
            Note left of Node: From: 0x3D59(...)F415 <br/> To: ServerID <br/><br/> ethereum:tx-0xb9ad(...)3586?
        Server->>Network: Answer Tx Details
            Note right of Server: From: ServerID:<br/> <br/> <br/> To: 0x3D59(...)F415 <br/>T2020-05-15 11:07<br/>splitTransfer(address,address,uint256,uint256,address)  
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