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Last active December 29, 2015 08:39
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JavaScript Bookmarklet to add-up all the estimated checklist items on a card in Trello.
var $lists=$(".checklist");
$.each($lists, function( key, value ) {
var $lName = $(value).find(".checklist-title h3");
var $lNameInput = $(value).find(".checklist-title input");
var $items = $(value).find(".checklist-item");
var $tot = 0;
$.each($items, function(key, value) {
var $itemText = $(value).find(".checklist-item-details-text");
var $itemEst = $itemText[0].innerText.match(/\(\d+\.?\d*\)/g);
if ($itemEst) {
$itemEst = new Number($itemEst[0].replace("(", '').replace(")", ''));
if (!isNaN($itemEst)) {
$tot += $itemEst;
$lNameUp = $lName[0].innerText.match(/^[^\(]*/i);
$lNameUp += ' (' + $tot + ')';
$lName[0].innerText = $lNameUp;
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3mkay commented Nov 26, 2013

Instructions for use:

  1. Create a bookmarklet which contains the above code... or drag the link from this page to your bookmark toolbar.
  2. Go to a trello card
  3. Create a checklist
  4. Add some items with estimates added in brackets e.g. (0.5)
  5. Click on the bookmarklet and see the checklist titles update with a total of your estimates

Note: If estimates aren't fixed, just add a ? or some non-numeric character into the estimate and they'll be excluded from the sum

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3mkay commented Jan 21, 2014

Gist updated for recent Trello changes

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well done! Could you please advise how to aggregate now checklists to card name?

Then Scrum for Trello plugin will be compatible

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