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Created Jul 31, 2020
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│13:22:49 hberaud | smcginnis, fungi: o/ any idea what's the problem here or how to identify him? =>
│13:23:39 hberaud | CI logs are not really verbose so we can't find the issue, and locally everything works fine.
│14:23:46 smcginnis | hberaud: tox isn't in the default PATH, so
│ | fails to find it.
│14:24:11 smcginnis | I think that script needs to be updated to take the environment variable that gets set, or else the zuul configuration needs to add tox to
│ | the PATH.
│14:24:57 smcginnis | The tox command ends up being /home/zuul/.local/tox/bin/tox
│14:25:54 smcginnis | There's a job variable {{ tox_executable }} that points to that.
│14:26:14 smcginnis | I _thought_ it was also set in an environment variable, but not so sure now.
│14:26:30 smcginnis | Somehow we need to get that passed through so the script can use the right tox binary.
│14:40:56 hberaud | smcginnis: oh thanks, excellent
│16:24:14 fungi | hberaud: smcginnis: also the ensure-tox role *can* make the tox executable appear in the default execution path:
│ |
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