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nem cheatsheet

nem cheatsheet


Code Desc
1 The result is a validation result.
2 The result is a heart beat result.
4 The result indicates a status.


Code Desc
1 Successful heart beat detected.


Code Desc
0 Unknown status.
1 NIS is stopped.
2 NIS is starting.
3 NIS is running.
4 NIS is booting the local node (implies NIS is running).
5 The local node is booted (implies NIS is running).
6 The local node is synchronized (implies NIS is running and the local node is booted).
7 NIS local node does not see any remote NIS node (implies running and booted).
8 NIS is currently loading the block chain from the database. In this state NIS cannot serve any requests.


Code Desc
0 Neutral result. A typical example would be that a node validates an incoming transaction and realizes that it already knows about the transaction. In this case it is neither a success (meaning the node has a new transaction) nor a failure (because the transaction itself is valid).
1 Success result. A typical example would be that a node validates a new valid transaction.
2 Unknown failure. The validation failed for unknown reasons.
3 The entity that was validated has already past its deadline.
4 The entity used a deadline which lies too far in the future.
5 There was an account involved which had an insufficient balance to perform the operation.
6 The message supplied with the transaction is too large.
7 The hash of the entity which got validated is already in the database.
8 The signature of the entity could not be validated.
9 The entity used a timestamp that lies too far in the past.
10 The entity used a timestamp that lies in the future which is not acceptable.
11 The entity is unusable.
12 The score of the remote block chain is inferior (although a superior score was promised).
13 The remote block chain failed validation.
14 There was a conflicting importance transfer detected.
15 There were too many transaction in the supplied block.
16 The block contains a transaction that was signed by the harvester.
17 A previous importance transaction conflicts with a new transaction.
18 An importance transfer activation was attempted while previous one is active.
19 An importance transfer deactivation was attempted but is not active.


Method Path Params
GET /heartbeat
GET /status
GET /account/generate
GET /account/get address
GET /account/get/from-public-key publicKey
GET /account/get/forwarded address
GET /account/get/forwarded/from-public-key publicKey
GET /account/status address
GET /account/transfers/incoming address, hash, id, pageSize
GET /account/transfers/outgoing address, hash, id, pageSize
GET /account/transfers/all address, hash, id, pageSize
GET /account/unconfirmedTransactions address
POST /local/account/transfers/incoming page
POST /local/account/transfers/outgoing page
POST /local/account/transfers/all page
GET /account/harvests address, hash
GET /account/importances address
GET /account/namespace/page address, hash, id, pageSize
GET /account/mosaic/definition/page address, parent, id
GET /account/mosaic/owned address
POST /account/unlock privateKey
POST /account/lock privateKey
POST /account/unlocked/info
GET /account/historical/get
GET /chain/height
GET /chain/score
GET /chain/last-block
POST /block/at/public height
POST /local/chain/blocks-after height
GET /node/info
GET /node/extended-info
GET /node/peer-list/all
GET /node/peer-list/reachable
GET /node/peer-list/active
GET /node/active-peers/max-chain-height
GET /node/experiences
GET /node/boot
GET /namespace/root/page id, pageSize
GET /namespace namespace
GET /namespace/mosaic/definition/page namespace, id, pageSize
POST /transaction/prepare-announce requestPrepareAnnounce
POST /transaction/announce requestAnnounce
GET /debug/time-synchronization
GET /debug/connections/incoming
GET /debug/connections/outgoing
GET /debug/connections/timers


Type Fee(Xem)
Transfer(min) 0.05
Importance Transfer 0.15
Multisig Aggregate 0.50
Multisig 0.15
Multisig Signature 0.15
Provision Namespace 0.15
Mosaic Definition Creation 0.15
Mosaic Supply Change 0.15
Type Fee(Xem)
Root Namespace 100
Sub Namespace 10
Mosaic Definition 10

Network Type

Type Hex Int Prefix(Int)
MAINNET 0x68000000 1744830464 104
TESTNET 0x98000000 -1744830464 -104
MIJIN 0x60000000 1610612736 96
MASK_NETWORK = 0xfffffffc

Transaction Version

Type Hex Int
Version1 0x00000001 1
Version2 0x00000002 2
MASK_VERSION = 0x00000003

Transaction Type

Type Hex Int
Transfer 0x0101 257
Importance Transfer 0x0801 2049
Multisig Aggregate Modification 0x1001 4097
Multisig Signature 0x1002 4098
Multisig 0x1004 4100
Provision Namespace 0x2001 8193
Mosaic Definition Creation 0x4001 16385
Mosaic Supply Change 0x4002 16386

Apostille Checksum

CHECKSUM = fe4e5459
Type Value
public 0
private 8
Algorism Value
md5 1
sha1 2
sha256 3
sha3-256 8
sha3-512 9

NEM Logo

#f7a800 => top-left, orange
#67b2e7 => top-right, blue
#00c4b3 => bottom, green
#000000 => background or border
#ffffff => background or border

NEM Time

Nemesys time

2015-03-29 00:06:25 UTC

Convert to real time

new Date(Date.UTC(2015, 2, 29, 0, 6, 25, 0) + ($NEMTIME * 1000));
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