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/usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"
brew install nvm && echo -e "\
NVM_DIR=\"$HOME/.nvm\"\n. \"/usr/local/opt/nvm/\"
" >> ~/.bash_profile && source ~/.bash_profile &&
nvm install v8 --default &&
brew cask install iterm2 chromium visual-studio-code 1password authy alfred
sudo rm -rf Downloads/
ln -s ~/Desktop Downloads
echo -e "
Other tasks:
- Setup keys for SSH
- Enable FileVault
- Clear dock of default icons
- Install ClipMenu, bind key to 'CMD + §'
- Install Moom (App Store), bind key to 'SHIFT + ENTER' and enable "Move \& Zoom" for arrow keys
- System Preferenes > Keyboard > Shortcuts:
- Full Keyboard Access = All controls
- Spotlight = Disable shortcuts
- Alfred:
- Bind to 'CMD + Space'
- Dark theme and disable hat icon
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