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How to trigger a remote build via a URL for a Jenkins job
  1. Create new user (e.g. webhook) with the following permissions: Overall > Read, Job > Build, Job > Read & Job > Workspace. Login as the user and get their API token
  2. Under a job, enable "Trigger Builds Remotely" and set an authentication token
  3. Trigger a POST request with the following structure:



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ThinkerBoy commented Jan 8, 2018

Thank you ,this is very userful


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kavalerchik commented Jan 21, 2018

Where do I get the AUTHENTICATION_TOKEN from? The API_TOKEN I found under my user name (http://localhost:8080/user/admin/configure).
Should I just create my own in bullet 2 above?


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a0s commented Feb 17, 2018

How can i skip (disable) USER/API_TOKEN validation? Using AUTHENTICATION_TOKEN only is enough secure...

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