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// ATMEL ATTINY85 running @ 8MHz / ARDUINO **Zvi Schneider 12-May-2014**
// +----\/---+
// ADC0, PB5, 1|* |8 VCC
// ADC3, PB3, 2| |7 PB2, ADC1
// ADC2, PB4, 3| |6 PB1,
// GND 4| |5 PB0,
// +---------+
#define my_milisec 76 // 76 interrupts equal 1 mili-sec (approximatly)
#define interval 100 //100 mili-sec interval between repetetive code transmitions
5shekel / vid2thumbnail
Created October 28, 2014 17:44
drag and drop files on this batch script to generate thumbnail grid, works on folders as well.
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@echo off
@echo %*
echo location of movie thumbnail
set MTN=M:\bin\mtn\mtn.exe
echo %MTN%
echo output folder
5shekel / FPI.ino
Last active August 29, 2015 14:12
fresh prince prose injector
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/***fresh prince injector***/
we are running this on an ATtami dev board
based on digispark keyboard library example code
and all this possible beaucse of V-USB !
this code basicly makes the ATtiny85 identfiy as a keyboard and will inject
select prose onto user text boxs (when in focus)
View goStepper2.ino
// an alternative to the goStepper2 function from GRslider
void goStepper2(int i_dest, int i_velocity){
//takes the various cntrols for the slider stepper2
// and starts to moves the stepper
//velocity between 0-127
//so we map it to ,mybe 10 diffrent values
i_velocity = map(i_velocity,0, 127, 0, 10);
//then we use this to grab a value from our spd2 array
5shekel / avisynth_timesnapper
Created March 6, 2015 09:47
avisynth is a scripting language for video
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clip1 = CoronaSequence("M:\TimeSnapper_Snapshots\2011-01-01\*.jpg",textmode=3, expression="midstr(filename,25,25)",y=0).crop(0,0,1920,1080)
clip2 = CoronaSequence("M:\TimeSnapper_Snapshots\2011-01-02\*.jpg",textmode=3, expression="midstr(filename,25,25)",y=0).crop(0,0,1920,1080)
clip3 = CoronaSequence("M:\TimeSnapper_Snapshots\2011-01-03\*.jpg",textmode=3, expression="midstr(filename,25,25)",y=0).crop(0,0,1920,1080)
clip1+clip2 +clip3
5shekel /
Created March 10, 2015 19:23

Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am 5shekel on github.
  • I am shekel ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key whose fingerprint is 351B E83D 6EC0 DE0B 714B 534A 339B E23F 9598 C2A8

To claim this, I am signing this object:

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$sourceHTML = file_get_contents('wall.html');
preg_match("/(.*?<body.*?>)(.*)(<\/body.*$)/is", $sourceHTML, $matches);//(.*)(<\/body.*$)
$top = $matches[1];
$contents = $matches[2];
$bottom = $matches[3];
$top= str_replace("</head>", '<script src="js/jquery-1.6.4.min.js" type="text/javascript"></script>'."\n".'<script src="js/jquery.autopager-1.0.0.js" type="text/javascript"></script></head>', $top);
5shekel /
Created April 7, 2015 15:40
iba stream grab
#go to an stream page
#open chrome debugger > network tab
# copy playlist .m3u >
#curl that .m3u
#you will get a a list of sub playlists, with diff bitrates.
#get the last m3u (highest bitrate)
# grab all .ts files
curl | grep ts | (while read f; do curl -O$f; done)
View DMXserial.ino
// - - - - -
// DmxSerial - A hardware supported interface to DMX.
// DmxSerialSend.ino: Sample DMX application for sending 3 DMX values:
// Copyright (c) 2011 by Matthias Hertel,
// This work is licensed under a BSD style license. See
// Documentation and samples are available at
// 25.07.2011 creation of the DmxSerial library.
// 10.09.2011 fully control the serial hardware register
View SFE_BMP180 example output
//placing sensor in closed mouth and exhaling into cmouth cavity. twice
BMP180 init success
temperature: 26.92 deg C, pressure: 1010.94 mb, 29.86 inHg
temperature: 27.29 deg C, pressure: 1011.06 mb, 29.86 inHg
temperature: 27.52 deg C, pressure: 1011.07 mb, 29.86 inHg
temperature: 27.65 deg C, pressure: 1012.00 mb, 29.89 inHg
temperature: 27.71 deg C, pressure: 1017.95 mb, 30.06 inHg
temperature: 27.72 deg C, pressure: 1052.04 mb, 31.07 inHg