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How to setup v4l2 loopback for use with OBS.

Firstly, you need to install v4l2loopback and obs-v4l2sink. On arch linux with yay:

yay -Syu obs-v4l2sink v4l2loopback-dkms

Then, set up a systemd service:

koyoko% cat /etc/systemd/system/v4l2loopback.service 
Description=V4L2 Loopback

ExecStart=/bin/modprobe v4l2loopback card_label='V4L2 Loopback' video_nr=7 exclusive_caps=1
ExecStop=/bin/rmmod v4l2loopback


Then start it:

sudo systemctl enable --now v4l2loopback

You should have now /dev/video7 which is your loopback device.

Start up OBS and select Tools -> v4l2sink. Enter in the details:

  • Auto Start (your choice)
  • Device Path: /dev/video7
  • Video Format: YUV420 (works for me)

To check it by Chromium, you can use any video conferencing website, you should be able to select a camera called "V4L2 Loopback".

You can also use VLC to check the output. Use File -> Open capture device and enter /dev/video7.

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