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Created Sep 6, 2013
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Our docs are located here: That site also explains how to use the API.

Quick start

  1. Log in to the Shoppable Dashboard using the email address and the password provided by Heather.
  2. Search for some products and add them to a frame. A frame is an HTML widget that displays products on a website, and it's also a grouping of products.
  3. Retrieve the contents of your product frame via our API.
  4. The API token bnkWG0YGG0D590QWf6cd3769d1 is tied to the Referer domain in the request (which can be spoofed) using a call like this:
curl -H "Referer:" "" | python -mjson.tool
  1. If you don't want to use the API but would rather use the pre-built HTML widgets you can see how to do that here.
  • You'll need to create an API token that matches your domain by going here
  1. The API also supports CRUD operations for shopping carts so you can add products to a shopping cart.
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