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Lanny Heidbreder 75th

  • Central Arkansas, USA
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75th / scroll-horizontal.js
Last active October 17, 2016 16:52
Convert all scrolling to horizontal scrolling
// Make vertical mousewheel movement scroll a page horizontally.
// Seems to work well with Mac trackpads and Magic Mouse on macOS.
// Also works with either scroll direction on macOS.
// If body has class 'scroll-horizontal'
if(document.body.className.split(' ').indexOf('scroll-horizontal') !== -1) {
['wheel', 'mousewheel', 'DOMMouseScroll'].forEach(function(eventName) {
// Test for browser support of event
if(typeof window['on' + eventName] !== 'undefined') {
75th / state-abbreviations.json
Last active October 11, 2019 07:42
US state abbreviations in JSON
"al": { "full": "alabama", "other": ["ala"] },
"ak": { "full": "alaska", "other": ["alas"] },
"az": { "full": "arizona", "other": ["ariz"] },
"ar": { "full": "arkansas", "other": ["ark"] },
"ca": { "full": "california", "other": ["calif", "cal"] },
"co": { "full": "colorado", "other": ["colo", "col"] },
"ct": { "full": "connecticut", "other": ["conn"] },
"de": { "full": "delaware", "other": ["del"] },
"dc": { "full": "district of columbia", "other": ["washington dc", "wash dc"] },

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75th /
Last active January 25, 2019 16:06
A Bash script for Caesar ciphers. I needed (well, wanted) a tool to do ROT-n ciphers for arbitrary n. So here it is. If n is not provided, it defaults to ROT-13. No ROT-5 for numerals as yet. This is my first shell script for public consumption; feedback is eagerly welcome, but please be gentle.
#! /bin/bash
# Usage: rot [base] string
# Base is assumed to be 13 if not specified.
# Bases not in 0-25 are taken modulo 26; negatives are increased by
# 26es until they're positive. Thus, any integer should work
# as expected.
75th / menu-item-widths.less
Created May 23, 2012 22:10
LESS: Items of varying width side-by-side, filling up a fixed width
* Sometimes, with a horizontal navigation menu, you need the items
* to vary in width, but to all fill up a predetermined width.
* Doing this with normal CSS involves annoying, tedious arithmetic,
* and making changes is painful.
* This snippet uses LESS to make maintaining such a menu easy.