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Last active Jan 18, 2021
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CF UP, stand up Cloud Foundry with BUCC
#!/usr/bin/env bash
set -eux
# download bucc
# this file can be embedded in the repo root
# our source code for the Cloud Foundry deployment
# if $CF_DEPLOYMENT exists git pull, otherwise git clone to $CF_DEPLOYMENT
if [[ -d "$CF_DEPLOYMENT" ]]; then
git -C $CF_DEPLOYMENT pull
git clone $CF_DEPLOYMENT
# *after* the git repo is updated, or version will be inaccurate
STEMCELL_VERSION=$(bosh interpolate $CF_DEPLOYMENT/cf-deployment.yml --path /stemcells/alias=default/version)
# determine the ubuntu code name
CODE_NAME=$(bosh interpolate $CF_DEPLOYMENT/cf-deployment.yml --path /stemcells/0/os)
# upload cloud config to director
bosh -n ucc $CF_DEPLOYMENT/iaas-support/bosh-lite/cloud-config.yml
# upload stemcell to director
bosh \
upload-stemcell \${CODE_NAME}-go_agent?v=${STEMCELL_VERSION}
# Uses the ip from cf-deployment bosh-lite.yml operator file
bosh -n -d cf deploy $CF_DEPLOYMENT/cf-deployment.yml \
--vars-store state/cf-deployment-vars.yml \
-v "" \
-o $CF_DEPLOYMENT/operations/bosh-lite.yml \
-o $CF_DEPLOYMENT/operations/use-compiled-releases.yml
# we created --vars-store state/cf-deployment-vars.yml in above deploy. Use the cf_admin_password.
CF_ADMIN_PASSWORD=$(bosh interpolate state/cf-deployment-vars.yml --path /cf_admin_password)
# refresh routes
sudo route delete
bucc routes
# login to cf-cli
cf login --skip-ssl-validation -a -u admin -p $CF_ADMIN_PASSWORD
# create a target
cf create-space default -o system
# target default
cf target -o "system" -s "default"
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