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stephanebruckert / 2trancentral_youtube_channel_backup.csv
Last active Mar 3, 2020
1105 track titles from 2trancentral youtube channel before it gets hacked and deleted. This data is fully synced with this Spotify playlist Provided by
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We can make this file beautiful and searchable if this error is corrected: It looks like row 8 should actually have 7 columns, instead of 3. in line 7.
yt_channel_id (S),yt_published_at (S),yt_track_id (S),yt_track_name (S),spotify_found_time (S),spotify_playlist (S),spotify_uri (S)
UCL4J20Y1UpQGttcNXMB2j9Q,2010-03-28T20:31:37.000Z,VVVMNEoyMFkxVXBRR3R0Y05YTUIyajlRLlNjMDJyS0pYeDlB,CK/NY - Fortys On Ice (Majestic Mix),,,
UCL4J20Y1UpQGttcNXMB2j9Q,2010-03-29T00:08:35.000Z,VVVMNEoyMFkxVXBRR3R0Y05YTUIyajlRLnM2NEh3eWhIbFc0,Aurasfere - Terrasuave (1994),,,
UCL4J20Y1UpQGttcNXMB2j9Q,2010-03-29T09:49:14.000Z,VVVMNEoyMFkxVXBRR3R0Y05YTUIyajlRLkFsVmx0QkpHZy1j,Remy & Sven - Silent Eruption (1992),,,
UCL4J20Y1UpQGttcNXMB2j9Q,2010-03-29T21:39:06.000Z,VVVMNEoyMFkxVXBRR3R0Y05YTUIyajlRLmRwV0REbmRWOUZJ,Alien Signal - Quantum Limit (1993),,,
UCL4J20Y1UpQGttcNXMB2j9Q,2010-03-30T19:28:57.000Z,VVVMNEoyMFkxVXBRR3R0Y05YTUIyajlRLlhob1h0QXRYc0tJ,Alien Signal - First Approach (1993),,,
UCL4J20Y1UpQGttcNXMB2j9Q,2010-03-30T20:05:40.000Z,VVVMNEoyMFkxVXBRR3R0Y05YTUIyajlRLjB5Q1RBT0o2Umo4,Alien Signal - The Water Hole (1993),,,


This is a fork of jmb's awesome widget that grabs the events with a private address instead of going through the tiresome process of Google's OAuth authentication.

Dashing widget to display the next and some subsequent Google Calendar events using the Google Calendar's private urls.

See the screenshot below


hussfelt /
Last active May 20, 2019
Dashing widget to display an iframe with specified src


IFrame plugin for dashing


Dashing widget to display an iframe with specified src


Create the folder iframe in the /widgets/ directory. Put the files, iframe.html and iframe.scss in that folder.