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Feedback for Go2 error handling design

Honest to God, i agree with Alessandro Arzilli feedback.

Having a check statement near a function imho can make readability worse.

If we want to handle errors and avoid err != nil, i would like something like this:


func Foo() (err error) {
    handle err { return fmt.Errorf("error: %v", err)  }
    check bar()


func Foo() (err error) {
    // _check can be a special function that can easily be scoped
    _check = func(err) error {
      return fmt.Errorf("error: %v", err)
    /* we put a question mark (or whatever) near err that MUST be an error type var.
       so you tell that after var assignation, it performs _check()*/
    fooVar, ?err := bar()

In this way:

  • we can scope the check function per-function or even per-package. If you need a custom handler for a single function, you simply assign it inside the function so it remains function-scoped.
  • if you need different check functions in the same function/package just overwrite it, so it doesn't break any flow
  • the actual err != nil is still valid and migration from go1 to this can sometimes be a simple deal of find/replace
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