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PowerShell: Get Active Directory User Information
Import-Module ActiveDirectory
$aResults = @()
$List = Get-Content ".\List.txt"
ForEach($Item in $List){
$Item = $Item.Trim()
$User = Get-ADUser -Filter{displayName -like $Item -and SamAccountName -notlike "admin-*" -and Enabled -eq $True} -Properties SamAccountName, GivenName, Surname, telephoneNumber, mail
$hItemDetails = New-Object -TypeName psobject -Property @{
FullName = $Item
UserName = $User.SamAccountName
Email = $User.mail
Tel = $User.telephoneNumber
#Add data to array
$aResults += $hItemDetails
$aResults | Export-CSV ".\Results.csv"
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