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Proposal for lightning talk at ReactiveConf 2017: How do you make friends with React and FRP? 🤔 Start to develop your application using Focal.

How do you make friends with React and FRP? 🤔 Start to develop your application using Focal.

This is a CFP for the ⚡️Lightning⚡️ talk at awesome ReactiveConf 2017. If you'd like to see this talk, please 🌟 star🌟 this summary and retweet my tweet 🙂 #ReactiveConf


Functional reactive programming (FRP) is very popular nowadays. The JavaScript community provides us with excellent tools like RxJS, Bacon, and Kefir. But, as we know, they have nothing to do with React. So how we can use the power of FRP in our React application? Using the correct state management, we can make friends with FRP and React and make our application truly reactive. In my lightning talk, I will talk about Focal - a library for this kind of state management. 🔥🔥🔥

I will share Grammarly’s experience in building React apps with Focal and talk about atoms, lenses, and observables that help us create awesome applications.

The talk contents:

  1. Introduction:
  • Why Reactive?🤔
  • Observables with Atoms and Lenses.
  • How Focal helps us to use observables in a React application.
  1. Making your app truly reactive:
  • Examples, Focal with styled-components and other stuff from hipster stack😉
  1. Implement Focal in your current project. How about Redux app?😜
  2. Secret Bonus🤐🙃

If you want to see it all in my talk, please 🌟 this ⚡️lightning⚡️ talk.


Hey, I'm @AGambit95, a Software Engineer / Project Lead @Grammarly in Kyiv. I am a contributor to Focal and MobX, author of CSS in JS Benchmarks, and a geek🤓 who likes FRP and believes in the power of Monads.

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