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Working from home

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Working from home
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Colour Text For

This code will change the colour of text / background of text in a file.

$$\color{black}{Black}$$ $$\color{blue}{Blue}$$ $$\color{brown}{Brown}$$ $$\color{darkgray}{Darkgray}$$ $$\color{gray}{Gray}$$
$$\color{lightgray}{Lightgray}$$ $$\color{green}{Green}$$ $$\color{brown}{Brown}$$ $$\color{lime}{Lime}$$ $$\color{magenta}{Magenta}$$
$$\color{olive}{Olive}$$ $$\color{orange}{Orange}$$ $$\color{pink}{Pink}$$ $$\color{purple}{Purple}$$ $$\color{red}{Red}$$
$$\color{teal}{Teal}$$ $$\color{violet}{Violet}$$ $$\color{white}{White}$$ $$\color{yellow}{Yellow}$$ $$\color{BurntOrange}{MBurntOrange}$$
$$\color{white} \colorbox{Green} {White on Green} $$ $$\color{purple} \fcolorbox{red}{white} {Purple on White} $$ $$\color{black} \fcolorbox{white} {red} {Black on Red} $$ $$\color{black} \fcolorbox{red}{white} {Black on White} $$ $$\color{black} \colorbox{Bu
AAdewunmi /
Created July 31, 2022 10:02
How to Install and Setup Pygame for Mac OSX
Install pip (package installer for python)
1. Open a terminal window and type:
$ curl >
2. Install Pygame:
Type into previously opened terminal:
$ sudo pip install pygame
3. Verify Installation