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Work Plan: Microdonations using Cryptocurrencies / les donacions micro que utilitzen monedes crypto / 加密的微货币捐赠制度 / Micro dary pomocí kryptografických měny / Micro ng mga donasyon gamit crypto pera / dons micro utilisant des monnaies crypto / Micro Spenden mit Krypto-Währungen / क्रिप्टो मुद्राओं का उपयोग माइक्रो दान / Ör framlög nota dulkóðuð gj…
We will develop a system that will empower everyone to perform
giving and microdonation as a part of any transaction.
Many open source projects do not have necessary support to fund the work on an ongoing basis.
We plan to use the funds raised to support the work of development and maintenance of
the giving feature for the first year of work, which will include work to promote adoption
and support through multiple wallets and decentralized protocols, including, but not limited to bitcoin.
On github, the users ABISprotocol and ktorn provide vision and direction on the project, and will
work with coders or developers who are interested in contributing. If funding (grants, donations, etc.)
is realized for the project in the future, bounties or rewards for work may be released - to those who
provide commits needed and requested for the project - via multisignature account(s) shared by
ABISprotocol and ktorn. Please contact ABISprotocol or ktorn to inquire as to how you can help
with one or more of the tasks shown below.
During an early crowdfunding effort using indiegogo, donations of bitcoin, litecoin,
and dogecoin were accepted to support this Plan of Action. These are still accepted,
and addresses where you can donate using those currencies are shown later on in this post.
Other decentralized cryptocurrencies may be accepted as donations by arrangement.
The link to this Plan of Action (Microdonations using Cryptocurrencies) will be provided in any future
crowdfunding platforms to be chosen by ABISprotocol and ktorn.
All development efforts for this project will be carried out in a manner that will:
empower anyone to give to multiple parties as an aspect of any transaction,
as a feature that would be activated at each individual user's option for either specific
transactions, or every transaction, depending upon settings chosen by the user.
The election to use the giving feature, corresponding settings, and in fact every aspect
of the use of the giving feature will be voluntary, and will be designed to be initiated
by the user (and will be able to be initiated, changed, or terminated by the user at any time).
The crowdfunding aspect of the project will provide 70 BTC
(total value, including all cryptocurrency donations) to support and fund the following.
The breakdown of funds allocated for each item is:
1) development and circulation of a Process BIP (bitcoin improvement proposal)
2) testing and extensive review of at least four modified wallets, using bitcoin's testnet
12 BTC
3) an open source, free code base that will be able to be incorporated
into any bitcoin wallet to make the giving feature available everywhere,
involving a bounty (reward) for the following 3 language implementations:
C++, Java, and Python.
The bounty (reward) will be 5 BTC per language, thus a total of 15 BTC are allocated
for this item. The bounties (rewards) are not issued on a "first-to-the-finish" basis,
but rather are contingent upon agreement by ABISprotocol and ktorn that the implementation
accomplishes the task in a manner consistent with the spirit and intent of the project.
15 BTC
4) ongoing work on a fork of the MultiBit wallet, in which work has already started on
incorporation of the giving feature, and development of the giving feature into at least
three more wallets or forks of wallets (such as Chromawallet, Darkwallet, Electrum, Hive, or KryptoKit).
12 BTC
5) public relations and communication to encourage individuals and
organizations to adopt the giving feature
6) additional funds to support ongoing work on, and maintenance of code
for the giving feature, and to work on the wide-scale incorporation of it in
multiple systems (year 1). Bounties will be established as needed
by ABISprotocol and ktorn to support completion of this task. If crowdfunding
exceeds the initial target amount, funds will provide more support (into year 2, or further).
12 BTC
7) development of a 'cascading revenue sharing protocol' (CRSP)
see Open Issue at
To donate bitcoin to this project using any bitcoin wallet, send to the following address:
The initial crowdfunding campaign was posted as:
(The indiegogo campaign launched Thursday Feb. 13, 2014, 7 AM PST / 10 AM EST / 4 PM CET / 11 PM CST.)
(The indiegogo campaign ended on Sunday Mar. 30, 2014, just before midnight, PST.)
A grant application was made to the Bitcoin Foundation in February of 2014 relating to this Plan of Action,
and the Foundation chose in May of 2014 not to support this project.
The ABIS project authors now seek less traditional means of funds and support for the project,
while remaining open to receiving donations via the methods shown above.
Project Page:
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Would you like to have a read over and see if we have any common goals 👍

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Thank you @MarkPfennig ~ I have read briefly the Github post on Project Bitmark and I found the Community Adoptions, Public Integrations, Charity and Crowd Funding, and Anonymous Publishing sections particularly intriguing. Will respond more substantively soon. cc: @ktorn @drwasho (Will follow up by e-mail to all in a days' time or so.)

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