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Essential ABIS System Requirements ( in BTC
Bitcoin / BTC
1. Multisignature feature, to enable multiple parties to specify when a certain microdonation may occur,
or to develop preferences for what sort of types or categories of microdonations should be supported
through recurrence or a similar scheme as may be utilized in a multiparty context. This should be
provided with [ease of use]( in the context of Multisignature M-of-N.
2. Provision within wallet(s) which exemplifies the ABIS framework of giving and microdonations visually,
with ability to provide account lines that are quickly generated by the user, such as that which is
indicated within the [sx tools]( repository. This may also incorporate the threshold count concept,
such that a threshold, contingent upon a flexible fee structure, allows transactions to be broadcast
and confirmed at opportune times. This may also incorporate elements that provide for specialized
payment channels, including [aspects which allow for rapid and constant emissions of data](
3. Code Snippets, Suggestions for Implementation (Published on Sept. 1, 2014):
Note that these are initial suggestions intended to stimulate development discussion,
and require vetting, refinement, and adjustment. These can thus be changed, used as the
basis for a new issue or pull request, or simply used for general implementation discussion.
[Building and Caching Dependencies](
[Core Integration and Staging](
[Install SX](, establish [custom address](
for microdonation.
[Write shell scripts and test]( to establish ability to conduct
recurring transactions and user preferences for thresholds where microdonations will be broadcast.
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