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ABridoux / AsyncQueue.swift
Last active October 13, 2023 09:42
Async queue to enqueue elements and consume them in an `AsyncSequence`.
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// MARK: - Queue
struct Queue<Element> {
private var enqueueArray: [Element] = []
private var dequeueArray: [Element] = []
var isEmpty: Bool {
enqueueArray.isEmpty && dequeueArray.isEmpty
ABridoux / MatrixMixerNodeWrapper.swift
Last active November 18, 2023 18:20
Wrapper around an `AVAudioUnit` of type `kAudioUnitType_Mixer` and sub type `kAudioUnitSubType_MatrixMixer` for convenient usage.
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import AVFoundation
// MARK: - MatrixMixerNodeWrapper
/// Wrapper around an audio unit node of type `kAudioUnitSubType_MatrixMixer` for convenience.
public final class MatrixMixerNodeWrapper {
// MARK: Properties
/// Matrix mixer to map input channels
ABridoux / ReducedReplayAsyncStream.swift
Created January 29, 2022 11:12
An AsyncSequence that allows to be consumed several times. Returning the current state as specified in a reduce function
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struct ReducedReplayAsyncStream<Element> {
typealias Reduce = (_ partialResult: inout Element, _ nextResult: Element) -> Void
private let storage: _Storage
private var originalStream: AsyncStream<Element>
bufferingPolicy limit: AsyncStream<Element>.Continuation.BufferingPolicy = .unbounded,
initialResult: Element,
ABridoux / EventService.swift
Last active March 30, 2023 13:40
A service to send events to restart, shutdown, put to sleep or logout the computer.
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// Free to use
// Written by Alexis Bridoux -
import AppKit
import Foundation
/// Service to shut down, restart, or put the computer to sleep. Also log out the user.
/// ### Resources
/// - [Apple doc](
ABridoux / NotificationObserver.swift
Last active August 10, 2021 18:27
A handy class to observe notifications with automatic unsubscribing and friendly syntax.
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// Free to use
// Written by Alexis Bridoux -
/// Observes a notification and executes the provided block upon reception
/// Unregister the stored observer upon deinitialization
final class NotificationObserver {
var name: Notification.Name
var observer: NSObjectProtocol
ABridoux / WindowPosition.swift
Last active January 10, 2024 01:36
Logic to easily set a NSWindow's origin horizontally and vertically in a screen (AppKit and SwiftUI)
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// Free to use
// Written by Alexis Bridoux -
import AppKit
#if canImport(SwiftUI)
import SwiftUI
// MARK: Model