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JofArnold / Fastfile
Last active Jul 5, 2021
Fastfile for creating apps on App Store Connect as well as certs, building and uploading to Testflight
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# --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
# About
# Here is a useful Fastfile for delivering a multiple varients (targets) of an app
# to, ultimately, Testflight.
# The project is called "cione" and has two schemes and two targets called
# "cione" and "citwo".

‪“‬In what way is JS any more maintainable than CSS? How does writing CSS in JS make it any more maintainable?”

‪Happy to chat about this. There’s an obvious disclaimer that there’s a cost to css-in-js solutions, but that cost is paid specifically for the benefits it brings; as such it’s useful for some usecases, and not meant as a replacement for all workflows. ‬

‪(These conversations always get heated on twitter, so please believe that I’m here to converse, not to convince. In return, I promise to listen to you too and change my opinions; I’ve had mad respect for you for years and would consider your feedback a gift. Also, some of the stuff I’m writing might seem obvious to you; I’m not trying to tell you if all people of some of the details, but it might be useful to someone else who bumps into this who doesn’t have context)‬

So the big deal about css-in-js (cij) is selectors.