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namespace App\Error\Middleware;
use Cake\Error\Middleware\ErrorHandlerMiddleware as CoreErrorHandlerMiddleware;
use Zend\Diactoros\Response\RedirectResponse;
* Error handling middleware.
* Checks for old urls and 301 redirects to corresonding new ones.
class ErrorHandlerMiddleware extends CoreErrorHandlerMiddleware
public function __construct($renderer = null, array $config = [])
$this->_defaultConfig['exceptions'] = [
parent::__construct($renderer, $config);
public function handleException($exception, $request, $response)
if (!in_array(get_class($exception), $this->config('exceptions'), true)) {
return parent::handleException($exception, $request, $response);
$newUrl = $this->getNewUrl();
if ($newUrl) {
reuturn new RedirectResponse(
return parent::handleException($exception, $request, $response);
protected function getNewUrl()
// login here to check if new url exists for existing url
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