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Ashley Schauer Module 1 Portfolio

Ashley Schauer - M1 Portfolio

Areas of Emphasis

(What did you set out to accomplish this module?)

Rubric Scores

Fill in how you would grade yourself from 1-4 in the following categories this module:

  • A: End-of-Module Assessment: X
  • B: Individual Work & Projects: X
  • C: Group Work & Projects: X
  • D: Professional Skills: X
  • E: Feedback & Community Participation: X

A: End of Module Assessment

(Notes & scores from your assessment rubric)

B: Individual Work & Projects


Date Night

Project Description


Evaluation Comments


Evaluation Scores

Project Name


(evaluation comments)

(evaluation scores)

C: Group Work & Projects



(Project Name)


(evaluation comments)

(evaluation scores)

(feedback to me)

D: Professional Skills


Gear Up

Vote Your Conscience

It was difficult to refrain from talking about the current election in the context of this discussion, but I was totally impressed by everyone's judicious efforts to not inject their own personal opinions into the fray. We were all more or less in agreement that we appreciated when leaders are able to clearly articulate their positions while remaining pragmatic about their proposed solutions.

Professional Development Workshops

(Session Name)

(takeaways from session)

E: Feedback and Community Participation

Giving Feedback

(feedback from me)

Being a Community Member

(feedback to me)

Playing a Part

(ways you supported the larger Turing community)

Final Review


( Leave blanks for reviewers )


( Leave blanks for reviewers )

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