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Created May 13, 2018 00:46
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A simple Swift enum that contains Twitch RTMP addresses in different cities
// TwitchIngest.swift
// Created by Ahmed Bekhit on 5/12/18.
// Copyright © 2018 Ahmed Bekhit. All rights reserved.
// MARK:- Source:
public enum TwitchRTMPCity: String {
case jfk = "rtmp://" //"New York City, New York"
case mia = "rtmp://" //"Miami, Florida"
case ord = "rtmp://" //"Chicago, Illinios"
case atl = "rtmp://" //"Atlanta, Georgia"
case dfw = "rtmp://" //"Dallas, Texas"
case sjc = "rtmp://" //"San Jose, California"
case sea = "rtmp://" //"Seattle, Washington"
case ymq = "rtmp://" //"Qubec, Canada"
case yto = "rtmp://" //"Toronto, Canada"
case lhr = "rtmp://" //"London, United Kingdom"
case ams = "rtmp://" //"Amsterdam, Netherlands"
case rio = "rtmp://" //"Rio de Janiero, Brazil"
case syd = "rtmp://" //"Sydney, Australia"
case ber = "rtmp://" //"Berlin, Germany"
case cdg = "rtmp://" //"Paris, France"
case hkg = "rtmp://" //"Hong Kong, Hong Kong"
case tpe = "rtmp://" //"Taipei, Taiwan"
case sel = "rtmp://" //"Seoul, South Korea"
case tyo = "rtmp://" //"Tokyo, Japan"
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