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var FolderTree = {
init: function (target_div) {
var me = this;
me.data_source = new
transport: {
read: {
url: "/folder/elements",
dataType: "jsonp"
schema: {
model: {
id: 'id',
parentId: 'parentId',
fields: {
id: {type: 'number', nullable: false},
parentId: {type: 'number', nullable: true}
me.folder_tree = $(target_div).kendoTreeList(
dataSource: me.data_source,
height: '100',
columns: [
{field: "name", expandable: true, title: "Name"},
{field: "state_name", title: "State Name"},
{field: "id"},
{field: "parentId", title: "Parent"}
dataBound: function () {
$(target_div + ' > .k-grid-content').css('height', '100%');
Server returns correct jsonp data (using params[:callback]) but also I've tried returning plain json.
I can confirm the data is all loaded with this:
No rows appear. It just completes as expected then shows an empty grid with "No records to display".
It displays correctly if I just write some data directly into the dataSource.
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