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Couchbase Elasticsearch Connector Configuration - Example
# Introduction to TOML config file format:
# The work of replicating a Couchbase bucket may be distributed between
# several connector worker processes, known collectively as a "group".
# The connector name uniquely identifies a group of connector workers.
# All workers in the group must use the same name. The group name
# is required even if there is only one worker.
# TIP: Changing the name invalidates the replication status checkpoint.
# To preserve the checkpoint, run the `cbes-checkpoint-backup` command
# before renaming, and `cbes-checkpoint-restore` afterwards.
name = 'landmark-example-group'
# The simplest way to deploy the connector is "static" mode. In this mode,
# each worker process is independent of the others, and must be manually
# configured to know which partitions it is responsible for.
# Each member in a static group must have a unique member number.
memberNumber = 1 # A value from 1 to 'totalMembers', inclusive.
# The total number of workers in the static group.
# TIP: To safely add or remove workers from a static group, first stop all
# running workers, then reconfigure them with the new 'totalMembers' value,
# and finally start all the workers again.
totalMembers = 1
# Performance metrics may be written to a log file and/or exposed via HTTP.
httpPort = 31415 # Positive = fixed, 0 = ephemeral, -1 = disable HTTP server
logInterval = '1m' # Set to '0m' to disable metrics logging
# Required if secure connections are enabled (SSL/TLS).
# Use the Java keytool command to create this file and import the root
# certificate from the Security section of the Couchbase admin console
# and/or the CA certificate used by Elasticsearch.
path = 'path/to/truststore'
pathToPassword = 'secrets/truststore-password.toml'
hosts = ['localhost']
network = 'auto'
bucket = 'travel-sample'
# By default the connector stores replication checkpoint documents
# in the source bucket. If you'd rather store those documents in a
# separate existing bucket, put that bucket's name here.
metadataBucket = ''
# At a minimum, the Couchbase user must have the "Data DCP Reader"
# role for the source bucket, and "Data Reader" & "Data Writer"
# roles for the bucket where replication checkpoints are stored.
username = 'Administrator'
# Path to a separate TOML file with a single 'password' key.
# The base for a relative path is the connector installation directory.
pathToPassword = 'secrets/couchbase-password.toml'
# Optionally use SSL/TLS to encrypt the connection between Couchbase and
# the connector. Requires Couchbase Enterprise Edition, and requires the
# [truststore] section to be configured.
secureConnection = false
# Options for the Couchbase Database Change Protocol (DCP).
compression = true
flowControlBuffer = '128mb'
persistencePollingInterval = '100ms'
hosts = ['localhost']
username = 'elastic'
# Path to a separate TOML file with a single 'password' key.
# The base for a relative path is the connector installation directory.
pathToPassword = 'secrets/elasticsearch-password.toml'
# Optionally use SSL/TLS to encrypt the connection between Elasticsearch and
# the connector. Requires the [truststore] section to be configured. See also:
secureConnection = false
# If connecting directly to an Amazon Elasticsearch Service, specify the AWS region.
# AWS credentials are obtained from the Default Credential Provider Chain.
region = ''
bytes = '10mb'
actions = 1000
timeout = '1m'
concurrentRequests = 2
# The Elasticsearch document may optionally contain Couchbase metadata
# (cas, revision, expiry, etc). If present, this will be a top-level field
# of the Elasticsearch document. If you have configured the connector
# to put document content at the top level, choose a field name that will
# not conflict with any document fields. To omit the metadata field,
# use an empty string.
metadataFieldName = 'meta'
# false means the ES document root will have a 'doc' field whose value is
# the Couchbase document.
# true means the ES document will be identical to the Couchbase document,
# with the possible addition of the metadata field.
documentContentAtTopLevel = true
# false means ignore Couchbase counter documents.
# true means replicate them as Object nodes like {"value":<counter>}
wrapCounters = false
# The values in this section may be overridden by specific type definitions.
# Write matching documents to this index.
# Empty string means "no default".
index = ''
# Send matching documents though this pipeline.
# Empty string means "no pipeline".
pipeline = ''
# Assign this type to matching documents.
# For ES 5.x remove leading underscore!
typeName = '_doc'
# If true, ignore matching documents entirely (implies 'ignoreDeletes').
ignore = false
# If true, never delete matching documents from Elasticsearch.
ignoreDeletes = false
# Sample document type definitions for the travel-sample bucket.
# Replace these to match your own data model.
# At a minimum, each type must specify a 'regex' (Java regular expression)
# or 'prefix' property. The type config matches any Couchbase document
# whose IDs matches the regex or prefix.
# The order of type definitions is significant. If a document ID matches
# more than one type, the assigned type will be the one that occurs first
# in this configuration. If none match, the document will not be indexed.
prefix = '_sync:' # Couchbase Sync Gateway metadata
ignore = true
prefix = 'landmark_'
index = 'landmark'
pipeline = 'landmark-pipeline'
# When Elasticsearch rejects a document (usually due to a type mapping error)
# a rejection log entry document is written to Elasticsearch. The log entry's
# document ID is the ID of the rejected Couchbase document. The log entry's
# content has the following fields:
# "index" - (string) name of the index the connector tried to write to
# "type" - (string) document type name used for the write attempt
# "action" - (string) failed action type ("INDEX" or "DELETE")
# "error" - (string) error message received from Elasticsearch
index = 'cbes-rejects'
typeName = '_doc' # For ES 5.x remove leading underscore!
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