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Akka.Cluster HTTP HealthCheck
public class HomeController : Controller
private readonly Cluster _cluster;
public HomeController()
_cluster = Cluster.Get(SystemActors.ActorSystem);
public IActionResult Index()
return View();
public IActionResult HealthCheck()
var state = _cluster.State;
var atLeastOneAvailableLighthouse = state.Members
.Any(x => x.HasRole("lighthouse")
&& x.Status == MemberStatus.Up
&& !state.Unreachable.Contains(x));
var statusCode = atLeastOneAvailableLighthouse
? HttpStatusCode.OK
: HttpStatusCode.InternalServerError;
var sb = new StringBuilder();
sb.AppendLine("Members: ");
foreach (var member in state.Members)
sb.AppendFormat("{0}[{1}] Roles=[{2}], Reachable={3}", member.Address, member.Status,
string.Join(",", member.Roles), !state.Unreachable.Contains(member));
return new ContentResult()
Content = sb.ToString(),
StatusCode = (int) statusCode

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@Aaronontheweb Aaronontheweb commented May 14, 2018

Basic internal HTTP healthcheck for determining if we're in a joinable cluster, via the "at least one reachable lighthouse node is a current member of the cluster" rule

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