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Created April 8, 2021 08:28
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filtering duplicate calls
/* sample function to be called from http, a ktor route
* fkMutex checks whether the incoming key (in that case a number, but can be whatever )
* is being executed, if so it delays its execution till the first one ends
* this feature make sense in many situations where the response is usually a cached value that can be fast delivered
* whereas, when not present the calculation of that response can be very costly, furthermore if you allow several users
* to perform the calculation at the same time
suspend fun Test(s:String): String {
loggerk.debug { "before inc Test($s) $calln" }
loggerk.debug { "after inc Test($s) $calln" }
val r= fkMutex(s){
val i=s.toInt()
if(i==0) delay(5000)
if(i==1) delay(5)
if(i==2) delay(5)
if(i==3) delay(5)
if(i==4) delay(50)
"fake result"
return r
/* fkMutex is damn simple
* It relays on a KWaiter to run or suspend the execution of the request
* if the key is already present the function will suspend, but this implies that the same key is already being executed
* when that execution finishes KWaiter will notify all pending executions and run them and of course remove the key
suspend fun <T> fkMutex(key: String, f: suspend () -> T): T {
kWaiter.doWait(key, Waiter())
return try {
} catch (e: Exception) {
throw e
} finally {
/* KWaiter contains a HashMap of keys and Waiters, each key has list of waiters corresponding to different calls with the same key
* waiters in turn are rendezvous channels for suspending the execution of the caller
* so when a key is found it's associated waiter is put in 'receive' mode and it will be awakened when the running process finishes
* and all the waiters corresponding to that key will be 'offered' to allow execution, this time in parallel
class KWaiter() {
val hm:HashMap<String,MutableList<Waiter>> = HashMap()
loggerk.debug { "Init KWaiter $hm " }
suspend fun doWait(key:String,w: Waiter) {
loggerk.debug { "wait $key $hm ($calln) request number" }
}else {
loggerk.debug { "run $key $hm ($calln) request number" }
suspend fun releaseKey(key: String){
class Waiter(private val channel: Channel<Unit> = Channel<Unit>(0)) {
suspend fun doWait() { channel.receive() }
fun doNotify() { channel.offer(Unit) }
suspend fun removeKey(key:String,hm:HashMap<String,MutableList<Waiter>>){
Mutex().withLock {
if (hm[key] != null) {
loggerk.debug { "$key notify all $hm" }
hm[key]?.forEach { it -> it.doNotify() }
} else {
loggerk.debug { "key $key NULL" }
suspend fun isKeyPresent(key:String,w:Waiter,hm:HashMap<String,MutableList<Waiter>>):Boolean{
Mutex().withLock {
return if (hm[key] == null) {
hm[key] = mutableListOf(w)
} else {
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