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Last active January 1, 2019 04:29
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data() {
return {
// homepage data from Cosmic API
homepageData: '',
homepageContent: '',
cosmicAssetObjs: [],
mounted() {
// Instantiate Cosmic
const Cosmic = require('cosmicjs')()
// Instantiate the specific Cosmic JS Bucket you want to access
// Pass in read and write keys if necessary.
const bucket = Cosmic.bucket({
slug: 'cosmic-space',
read_key: '',
write_key: ''
// Now that we have our desired bucket, get data from it and mutate as necessary:
bucket.getBucket().then(data => {
// Loop through returned bucket data
// get the appropriate object, and assign to the right value
// We want to put all the information of "Cosmic Assets" (Planets, Asteroids, etc.) into their own array:
// We can also use the CMS to display other content (headers, information, etc.):
let homepageObj => {
if (object.title === 'Homepage') {
homepageObj = object
} else {
if (homepageObj) this.assembleHomepageData(homepageObj)
}).catch(err => {
console.log('Error getting bucket data:', err)
assembleHomepageData (homepageObjFromAPI) {
this.homepageData = homepageObjFromAPI
this.homepageContent = homepageObjFromAPI.content
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