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AbhimanyuAryan / remove.bat
Created Mar 30, 2021
oneplus bloatware to remove
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ECHO Listing connected android devices
adb devices
ECHO ==============================
adb shell
ECHO ==============================
ECHO preparing to remove bloatware ...
pm uninstall -k --user 0
pm uninstall -k --user 0 com.oneplus.membership
pm uninstall -k --user 0 com.tencent.soter.soterserver
AbhimanyuAryan /
Created Aug 22, 2019 — forked from goodhamgupta/
Convert yolo coordinates to VOC format
# Script to convert yolo annotations to voc format
# Sample format
# <annotation>
# <folder>_image_fashion</folder>
# <filename>brooke-cagle-39574.jpg</filename>
# <size>
# <width>1200</width>
# <height>800</height>
# <depth>3</depth>
def generate(label):
) = (
AbhimanyuAryan /
Created Feb 24, 2019 — forked from zcaceres/
Starter code to use NodeJS with a Python layer for the model.

Deploying a Deep Learning Image Classification Model with NodeJS, Python, and Fastai

TL|DR: Use this to easily deploy a FastAI Python model using NodeJS.

You've processed your data and trained your model and now it's time to move it to the cloud.

If you've used a Python-based framework like fastai to build your model, there are several excellent solutions for deployment like Django or Starlette. But many web devs prefer to work in NodeJS, especially if your model is only part of a broader application.

My friend Navjot pointed out that NodeJS and Python could run together if we could send remote procedure calls from NodeJS to Python.


A zoomable candlestick chart.

Copyright © 2015, Anil Nair - MIT License

AbhimanyuAryan / .gitignore
Last active May 6, 2017
Unity 5.6 Git Ignore
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/Assets/@THEME 5.6
# Visual Studio 2015 cache directory
AbhimanyuAryan /
Created Feb 11, 2016 — forked from vertexclique/
Cracking guide for Sublime Text 3 Build 3059 / 3065 ( Mac / Win x86_64 / Windows x86 / Linux x64 / Linux x86 )


Build 3059

MD5: 59bab8f71f8c096cd3f72cd73851515d

Rename it to: Sublime Text

Make it executable with: chmod u+x Sublime\ Text

AbhimanyuAryan / Install Composer to use MAMP's
Last active Sep 12, 2015 — forked from kkirsche/Install Composer to use MAMP's
How to install Composer globally using MAMP's PHP
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##Create an alias to MAMP's PHP installation

To do this, we can simply create an alias for our bash profile. We'll be doing this is nano, though you can do it in vim or a number of other editors as well.

Within the terminal, run:

nano ~/.bash_profile

This will open nano with the contents, at the top in a blank line add the following line: