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A Better alternative to PHP print_r() function.
* This function is an alternative to default PHP print_r() function.
* it displays the output as a recursive list items with highlighted key and values.
function pp($arr){
$retStr = '<ul>';
if (is_array($arr)){
foreach ($arr as $key=>$val){
if (is_array($val)){
$retStr .= '<li><span style="color:red;">' . $key . '</span><b> => </b><span style="color:blue;">' . pp($val) . '</span></li>';
$retStr .= '<li><span style="color:red;">' . $key . '</span><b> => </b><span style="color:blue;">' . $val . '</span></li>';
$retStr .= '</ul>';
return $retStr;
echo pp($_REQUEST);
* Of course if you need something more stable for some bigger project, My personal favorite is kurmo "".
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