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CAA Adoption Notes

CA/B mandate

The CA/Browser Forum has voted to mandate that CAs must start checking CAA records to control certificate issuance (to verify what CAs are allowed to issue certificates for a domain) by September 8th, 2017.

Full language of the ballot is here.

For domain holders, not using CAA records implicitly allows any registrar to issue certificates for your domain (as long as their registration requirements are met).

Support by CAs

See for latest status of which CAs support CAA records. That page also has an introduction to CAA records, and a CAA record generator.

Support by DNS servers and hosting providers

CAA supported

CAA support requested (vote!)

CAA not yet supported, but planned

CAA not yet supported, status unknown

CAA support status unknown (can you help?)

  • Afilias
  • BuddyNS
  • CDNetworks (BIND?)
  • Digital Ocean
  • DNS Made Easy
  • GeoScaling
  • No-IP
  • NS1
  • PointHQ
  • UltraDNS
  • Verisign
  • ZoneEdit

Domain support

RFC 3597 syntax

  • RFC 3597 syntax (to add raw support for a new RR type even if not natively supported): TYPE257 \# 8 000569737375653B

  • One-liner to convert from RFC 3597 to human-readable format (credit: Gervase Markham here, works with all raw RFC3457 TYPExxx records)

dig +short -t TYPE257 | perl -nE '@x = split(); say map(chr, map { hex } ($x[2] =~ m/../g ))'

  • One-liner to convert from plain text to RFC 3597 format (credit: Henri in this thread):

perl -e '$_=shift;s/(.|\n)/printf("%02lx", ord $1)/eg;' 'your-text'

  • Linux one-liner:

echo -n 'your text' | xxd -p

Other references

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