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;; This is an operating system configuration template
;; for a "desktop" setup with GNOME and Xfce.
(use-modules (gnu) (gnu system nss) (gnu packages))
(use-service-modules desktop)
(use-package-modules mail gnuzilla gnustep certs)
(host-name "GuixLaptop")
(timezone "Europe/London")
(locale "en_GB.UTF-8")
;; Assuming /dev/sdX is the target hard disk, and "my-root"
;; is the label of the target root file system.
(bootloader (grub-configuration (device "/dev/sda")))
(mapped-devices (list (mapped-device
(source (uuid "b1046fef-1981-4d70-b3e4-6770c6a9c4fb"))
(target "cryptroot")
(type luks-device-mapping))))
(swap-devices '("/swapfile"))
(file-systems (cons* (file-system
(device "my-boot")
(title 'label)
(mount-point "/boot")
(type "ext4"))
(device "/dev/mapper/cryptroot")
(title 'device)
(mount-point "/")
(type "ext4"))
(users (cons (user-account
(name "eddie")
(comment "Admin guy")
(group "users")
(supplementary-groups '("wheel" "netdev"
"audio" "video"))
(home-directory "/home/eddie"))
;; This is where we specify system-wide packages.
(packages (cons* icecat claws-mail
windowmaker wmbattery wmnd wmcpuload wmclock wmfire
;; Add GNOME and/or Xfce---we can choose at the log-in
;; screen with F1. Use the "desktop" services, which
;; include the X11 log-in service, networking with Wicd,
;; and more.
(services (cons* (xfce-desktop-service)
;; Allow resolution of '.local' host names with mDNS.
(name-service-switch %mdns-host-lookup-nss))
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