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Last active February 18, 2021 17:48
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cd /tmp
curl -s \
| grep "browser_download_url.\+linux-x86_64.tar.gz" \
| cut -d : -f 2,3 \
| tr -d \" \
| wget --output-document=code-server.tar.gz -qi -
tar xvzf /tmp/code-server.tar.gz --strip=1 --overwrite --wildcards --no-anchored -C "$DIR" 'code-server'
chmod +x "$DIR/code-server"
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The release file naming scheme has changed slightly. wget will fail using this script. Change line 8 from linux-x64 to linux-x86_64.

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Done :)

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jslatane commented May 7, 2020

Thanks for posting this script. The script seems to work for me and everything installs but when I run
./code-server -H -p 8080
I get this:
./code-server: 18: exec: /home/jslatane/bin/node: not found
Is this something to do with not having node.js installed? I tried installing that as well but that didn't work. Any help is appreciated!

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That seems odd, code-server has changed a lot since I wrote this gist perhaps it's best to try to follow the instructions at

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volb commented May 18, 2020

Hey, I've used this great script and want to thank you for it. I'm not sure but it looks like the name has changed again to "code-server-3.3.0-linux-amd64" for the tarball, from what I can tell.

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They also recently switched to distributing .debs instead which maybe a neater solution.

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