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Last active Apr 1, 2022
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👋 Welcome to my portfolio! For my résumé or any questions, feel free to reach out to me at

If you're strapped for time, just watch this video walkthrough (2m19s).

The last 5 years

I've been regularly streaming on Twitch since September, 2015. This consisted of two major endeavors:

  • Bot Land (2015-2020), an automated strategy game
  • The AcAdamy (2020), a premium education site to host courses and blog posts that I create

The reason I mention this is because you can get a glimpse into almost any work day in that time to see exactly how I approach development and communication:

You may even stumble on one where I was frustrated or unproductive; that's part of being a developer and I did nothing to censor those.

Interesting projects

Project name Year(s) Description Main technologies used
Bot Land 2015-2020 An automated strategy game Node.js, React, PixiJS, AWS
Godot Shooter RPG (play, view course) 2020 A shooter RPG and its corresponding course to teach the Godot game engine GDScript, Godot
The AcAdamy 2020 My site for selling courses and hosting blog posts Node.js, React, Firebase
NES ROM 2020 An NES game about being a sheep rancher 6502 assembly
Minecraft plug-in 2020 A Twitch-controlled battle-royale game within Minecraft Java, Kotlin
Discord bot 2020 A bot to handle the monetization of Adam Learns Node.js
Keyiano 2019 A side project for being able to type English words on a piano Node.js
OpHog (repo, play) 2012-2014 A tower-defense-esque game Vanilla JavaScript


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