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Created June 14, 2017 05:07
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I am interested in the course of Java EE microservices I have some doubts to clarify

In Java EE 7 Microservices, do you use Jenkins?

If I buy the course, can I ask you specific questions about microservices if you do not cover it in the course?

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Hi, Adam. Thanks for the screencasts, they are awesome.
My first question:
I saw it several times in your screencasts but i didn't get the idea behind async rest requests (CompletableFuture, @suspended). When to use it? What is the use case? When to avoid it?

2nd question:
Do you have any experience with docker swarm? Any tips or avoid it?



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iamdvr commented Jul 1, 2017

Hi Adam,
We have REST app which has dependency on one of module that has EJB annotation. Wildfly tend to start too many threads for EJB because one of the jar has EJB annotation. How we can make it not to start EJB threads.
We use Wildfly 10

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sajjadG commented Jul 2, 2017

Hi dear Adam

  1. Do you think MVC is dying? both for back-end and front-end? (
  2. Do you use Reactive Programming? when? why? which use cases?
  3. Which of Java EE technologies should one learn for creating microservices with Java?

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Is it possible do programmatically deploy/enable/disable/undeploy a JEE app on glassfish, payara, jboss or others? Via a REST api or something?

I could only find some info about JSR 88, but it's not clear to me which platform implements it. I understood that it was an optional requirement.

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joaoyuki commented Jul 3, 2017

Hi Adam,

When working with microservice, what do you use to control the amount of simultanios access to a service? How do you do the load balance?

Can you recommend a good read on how to build applications with microservice?

Thanks for your help.

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