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vasouv commented Jan 19, 2017

Hi Adam,

my question is about entity relationships in microservices. In a monolith, the entities have fields that refer to other entities via annotations and tables in the RDBMS. In microservices, let's say service A fetches the Users and service B fetches the Orders from separate databases. How do I handle the relationships in a simple CRUD scenario?


Hi Adam,

What do you think about the new reactive style of programming using reactive streams(RxJava, spring reactor, akka streams)? do you think that it has a place in entreprise applications and will be widely adopted? and can we reach currently the same goals using plain java ee with CompletableFutures and Executors?



Hello Adam, thank you for your assistance, your show is useful and fun!

I see in many of your examples on that your JAX-RS services return a directly instead of some @javax.xml.bind.annotation.XmlRootElement tagged @javax.persistence.Entity and thereby allow the Java EE container to perform the serialization for Content Negotiated response value (i.e.{json, xml})) . I'm just curious if you have given up on XML entirely, and what is your experience in the field regarding JSON-only responses being required, and not having to work with XML. Even if it were true that it's generally only useful to provide JSON response, can you please describe any advantages of working with the Response directly and any disadvantages to allowing the Container to do the content negotiation and serialization?


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