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Created May 31, 2023 07:42
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Hallo Adam,
in your Vimeo-Video-Course "Microservices", you describe the opportunity to introduce ManagedExecutorService in combination with @suspended and AsyncResponse to execute the business code in another thread (execution-thread).
The problem here is, that within this execution-thread from the ExecutorService, all/most RequestScroped beans are not available and throw a ContextNotActiveException (especially all injected objects which are HTTP-Request-aware like JsonWebToken, Principal, HttpSevletRequest and so on)... which is understandable because the injected beans are proxies and they are bound to the Http-thread.
Is there a more elegant way to access these "injected" beans instead of fetching all relevant informations from these beans and pass these concrete values to the execution-thread as method parameters?
I also found/tried this annotation (javax.enterprise.context.control.ActivateRequestContext) at the executed method, which is called from the execution-thread, but this does not change anything.
Many thanks in advance, Ulrich

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I want to deploy my angular application automaticly to aws lambda. Now i search a good instruction to do this. Does everyone known a good one?
someone is better
from: /

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AdamBien commented Jul 3, 2023

The time machine. Questions from the 12th episode:

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