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comdotlinux commented Jan 5, 2018

Thanks for the videos on youtube and the online courses on Vimeo! Really appreciate it.
Question :
I know your view on external libraries and I do understand the reason behind avoiding them.
However, Since I really started using streams, there are times when you are using e.g. IntStream and then getting a value from a structure. (they don't provide Iterator or list output -- don't ask why :) )
Now further down the stream I might also want the integer generated by the stream but normally you cannot as once you do like a map(i -> ds.getObjectAt(i)) the i is not available anymore!
Here I have been saved many a times by Pair as I can have a Object with both values in the Stream.

What do you do in your projects? Create your own each time? or is this good candidate for using Apache Commons?

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sjetesjete commented Jan 8, 2018

Hi Adam,
are you open for companies sponsoring your airhacks-webshows?

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vanuatoo commented Jan 8, 2018

  1. How to organize role based access to JAX-RS resources?
  2. Please recommend good book on Unit Testing
  3. How to test JAX-RS Resources?

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