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Created December 23, 2019 09:54
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Ask questions and see you at January, 6th, 8.PM. CET:

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Please keep the questions Java EE-stic. Means: as short and as concise as only possible. Feel free to ask several, shorter questions.

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vasilaio commented Dec 24, 2019

Hi Adam,

  1. Is CSRF, XSS and other similar attack are still possible in javascript client + rest backend? How can we protect agains them especially in microservices architecture?
  2. Where should we store the jwt token on javascript client as good security practice?
  3. What is your opinion about

Thanks a lot for your work and a Happy New Year.

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Hi Adam.

How would you go about managing transactions in a web-socket EE application.

What I wish to accomplish is, to have an entity-manager running over several messages, but not the whole session.
Ie. as a client I want to: fetch and lock a record, process it locally, then update and release the record.
Is there any way of doing that without having to run a non-transactional data-source, build an entity-manager from that, and handling all transactional logic yourself?

Best of luck in the new decade

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AdamBien commented Jan 2, 2020

Java 9 modules vs. microservices discussion

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Tunjidir commented Jan 6, 2020

Hi Adam. Happy new year.
Question -> how are you running openshift in production environments (are you paying commercial support? ). which way do you think is much more effective for an enterprise startup looking to use openshift in production.

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t-shaguy commented Jan 6, 2020

Hello Adam,
Compliments of the new year. Thank you very much for consistently giving back.
Please I have quite a few questions.

  1. Please do you have any screen cast on running a web applications (GUI) either a html5/ javascript or say primefaces on Quarkus?
  2. Is there any porcupine like implementation on Quarkus for dealing with thread pooling and all and what has MicroProfile fault tolerance API done differently?
  3. Please what is the most efficient way of dealing with file uploads ( writing to database or file path)?
    Thank you and have a wonderful new decade.

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AdamBien commented Jan 6, 2020

Server Side Rendering vs. REST APIs with Java

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GADNT commented Jan 6, 2020

Hi Adam!
Happy New Year/Decade (at least) :))

In this microservices word, do you see a good approach to mix services powered by multiple 'vendors/ framerworks' ? Micronaut/Spring/Quarkus
And about GraalVM, do you think this year will be an year that GraalVM will a important part in our apps? (at least in the way of architecture of the apps)

Thank you

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