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Last active May 30, 2023 18:17
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Ask questions and see you at THIS TIME AT SATURDAY: May, 27th (instead of June 5th), 8 pm CET:

Also checkout recent episode:


Please keep the questions as short and as concise as only possible. Feel free to ask several, shorter questions. I will also cover some questions in my "shorts" between the shows.

Upcoming events are also going to be announced at

New: the discord server:

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AdamBien commented May 7, 2023

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guykatz commented May 20, 2023

Best way to schedule a repeated task inside an application scoped cdi bean (non ejb) ?

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The Airhacks Time Machine - looking 100 episodes back (

  1. Microservices and Java EE
  2. Define "Lightweight" or more "Lightweight"
  3. "manage sessions to maintain information about logged-in users"
  4. How to migrate and test convoluted Swing projects to Java FX
  5. " OSGi for my startup"
  6. Time derived properties in Java EE applications
  7. JRebel or similar tools
  8. How to handle security between my own micro services? Pass around a token between my own app servers with each request?
  9. (...) how to run and debug (from NetBeans) a JavaEE project on Docker?
  10. batch processing and application servers
  11. My question is not whether Javascript or Groovy is the better language (...)
  12. webscockets and scalability
  13. second level cache and JPA

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mdrokz commented May 27, 2023

How to implement role based authentication for communication between microservices ? Thanks

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t-shaguy commented May 30, 2023

@.Adam, how is the going. please can you help with a best practices implementation use case for a robust webbook notification service, with details about request injection, persistence, error handling? Thank you

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