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Created May 4, 2022 10:34
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What would you like to do?

Ask questions and see you at June, 6th, 8.PM. CET:

Also checkout recent episode:


Please keep the questions Jakarta EE-stic. Means: as short and as concise as only possible. Feel free to ask several, shorter questions. Upcoming events are also going to be announced at

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Hi Adam. Is there a cost effective solution for JPA/sql in the cloud that's still "jakartaeestic"?

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Hey Adam,

I also used your aws CDK lamda project to create a simple lambda that uses quesrkus but without native compilation. it does not start is 1.5 seconds but around 5 seconds,

do you have a repo where you have a quarkus project that is deployed to aws lambda but with native compilation?


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