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sfcoy commented Apr 2, 2018

Hi Adam,

I really enjoy watching these, but as they generally start between 2:00AM and 4:00AM for me (depending upon respective DST zones), it's really only practical to catch up on YouTube. So what's happened to the 48th Air Hacks Q&A?


Steve C

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Dear Adam,

We are deep in using Webstart for our flagship product. It allows for easy deployment of our desktop clients to our enterprise user base. Of course we want to move away from using our old Swing clients to a web based approach, but this takes time. There are many screens that we have not moved to our next generation app. Now the issue is that webstart was deprecated and java 11 will drop support. As java 11 is an LTS version we suspect that our clients might be migrated to java 11 automatically. Which will render the use of our application (most probably?) broken.

Do you have any recommendation for easy deployment of a swing app to multiple end users in the absence of webstart?

On another note. What is your opinion on Oracle dropping such big aspects of the java ecosystem in a relatively short period of time? Will java remain a stable platform, as it was in the past? To us it was the biggest reason to use Java; no or very little breaking changes.


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mhlulani commented Apr 4, 2018

Hi Adam

We are doing an overhaul of our systems from using JSF to now using Angular (frontend) and JAX-RS (backend), we aim to make our backend as stateless as possible (sessions are no longer going to be used, instead the state will be kept by the client - Angular), this is all in the name of scalability.

The trouble is we are unable to prevent sessions from being created for every REST request (We used session listener to track this), we are thinking that disabling session will free up memory especially under load.

Please advise.

Thanks in advance

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ghost commented Apr 5, 2018

Hi Adam,

I'm watched your screen cast about Java EE Testing which is very helpful for me, thank you for making that screen cast :)
I'm trying to follow your way to test Java EE but I have question how do you perform system test towards JAX-RS endpoint that protected with JWT token?

My current approach was I made class that responsible on hit login endpoint to receive the JWT, but this class will be executed every time the system test executed. Please can you give some advice on how doing system test towards protected JAX-RS endpoint?


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Hi Adam,

Do you know of any Java EE frameworks that add client (service provider) support for SAML 2.0 SSO profiles, something like spring SAML framework but for Java EE? For example, a framework that uses the Java EE Security API.
I need to create a project that can use different 3rd party identity providers for the authentication\authorization process and I don't want to add spring just for that.
I heard about keycloak but it looks that it's for creating an identity provider and not just a service provider. Am I wrong?


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Vagspath commented Apr 6, 2018

Hi Adam,

I'm looking in to JEE and query caching.

I 'm working on a scenario where i have a query which returns eevry times an amount of 1000 results.
The current data updates about every week and not in daily use ,so i believe it would be nice if i cache them.

We have a caching mecahnism using ehcach but as an external tool of JPA. We put there the objects we wan to cash and manually update them when the apropriate data change.

Is there a way to cache query results in a jee jpa application? (I'm using Elcipselink and wildfly 8)
And how to handle the cache change when the data change.


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vanuatoo commented Apr 9, 2018

Please take a look at this Java EE 8 project.
I want to achieve the following:
AuthenticationMechanism is not called when accessing /resources/auth resource.
I tried using web.xml and indicating security-constraint, but it's ignored and security mechanism is invoked for every request to resources/* URL.

How can I do that?

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Thin war (200K) file.

Hi Adam,
You have talked at various time about thin war. when i add hibernate (5.2) to my POM file the war file size increases to 10MB. I want to deploy this on Payara 5 server. Is there a another way to keep the war file size small when i want to use JPA using hibernate. i tried copying the file to payara domain/domain1/lib/ext folder. The deployment failed.


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