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scrmtrey91 commented May 16, 2018

Hello again.

We are using git as versioning control, jfrog artifactory or nexus, teamcity, youtrack and we decided to change our flow a little bit, so we got a few questions.

1) How you recommend to do versioning for:
- Internal build, like RC, snapshot for testing (test server or internal developer server)
- Production build from master branch (to go to customers for deploy on production server)
- Also some project also containts client for ws access, which we include in other projects (to access web services) to simplify stuff

2) What is your practice in projects ?
3) How do you make / organize tags on git for release, snapshot etc,.. for your projects (scripts, IDE commit / push,..) ?
4) Do you use different branches for production / testing ?
5) Can you describe your workflow with your projects (making test build, making release build, git taging, versioning, etc..) ?
6) Do you use auto deploy feature when production build is ready to release ?
7) Is it possible to somehow automate process ?

Thanks for your answer / tips.


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vernetto commented May 28, 2018

hello Adam, I really like Primefaces and now I am starting to use Spring Boot and I would really regret losing PF in favour of SpringMVC. I have tried a little Joinfaces, they nicely sorts out all the dependencies for you and it seems to work fine. What are your thoughts on Joinfaces? What would you recommend me to do, throw away Primefaces and use SpringMVC and avoid mixing the 2 worlds ? Thank you so much!


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gorlok commented May 31, 2018

Hello! I can't find how to upload a file (from a multipart form) using only JAX-RS on standard EE7+ API. There are extensions from Jersey, RestEasy, etc, but they are not portable between implementations/servers.


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ptuomaal commented Jun 1, 2018

Hello Adam! What are your thoughts on MVC 1.0? Any alternatives for it or should I just use servlets with JSPs? I am seeking a clean jax-rs API that returns templates with pre-populated model and vanilla JS (ES6) will do the rest (maybe with webcomponents). MVC 1.0 seems to provide all that but it's future is unclear. Would use it in a project with expected lifetime over 5 years. JSF or SPA architecture is not an option.


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mistrz7 commented Jun 1, 2018

I'm fan of primefaces too. It allow to build nice looking and modern webapps without js scripts. I uses primefaces on wildfly and every time pack primefaces jar into war file. It obiouse that it is not good idea so could you explain how to use primefaces on wildfly as module? Propably it require more configuration.



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eyalyatir commented Jun 2, 2018

Hi Adam,
I started learning Java EE and I have a question regarding JAX-RS and EJB. I saw a lot of examples that annotate the resource with @stateless or the @singleton annotations and I wanted to know if you can help me to understand in which cases the one is preferred over the other? Also, if i use @singleton do I need to make everything inside the resource thread-safe?

On another topic, I purchased most of your Java EE courses and they are great (please make more). Do you have any video tutorials on "real world" CI using Jenkins, maven and git?



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mouzerly commented Jun 4, 2018

Hi Adam,

A few logging and monitoring questions for a Java EE 7 or 8 greenfield project consisting of several related apps:

  1. Planning to have centralized logging, and to log events using a structured format (JSON). Is java.util.logging sufficient for this (would need to at least create a JSON formatter) or would it be better to use a logging framework like Log4j 2 or other?

  2. It looks like separate tool stacks are often used for logging and monitoring. For example, Elasticsearch/Kibana for log data and Prometheus/Grafana for metrics data. Is this a best practice (why?), or is there a good solution that supports storage and visualization for both log and metrics data?

  3. I was thinking about having apps automatically emit metrics data to some destination, beginning on startup and continuing entire time app is running. Do you see a downside to this approach? If this is done, would you recommend that app metrics also be made available through REST endpoints?



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rinkevics commented Jun 4, 2018

Have you tried webassembly? Could it be the future?

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