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Last active October 8, 2015 06:57
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  1. What are JavaBeans, Enterprise JavaBeans, ManagedBeans and BackingBeans ?
  2. Does @Inject work in EAR if we want to inject something from JAR to WAR ?
  3. Can we use JavaEE 7 (lib/specification) into a JavaFX application ?

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haisi commented Oct 6, 2015

Could you give an example of how to extend a JavaFX-view with afterburner.fx in the ""-file instead of FXML and accessing the components from the presenter?
Can I mix FXML and the View-class in afterburner.fx (e.g. create a pane in FXML and adding elements to it by Code in the "-View"-class?

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essigt commented Oct 6, 2015

What are good ways to inject the configuration into a dockerimage. So you can use the same war/dockerimage in different steps of staging( testing, production,…) or with different configurations for different customers.

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How would you annotate a JPA @OneToMany relationship with lazy loading for JAXB

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