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Created February 8, 2024 14:10
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AdamBien commented Mar 1, 2024

How would your book "Real World Java EE Patterns-Rethinking Best Practices" look like in 2024? (from:

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AdamBien commented Mar 2, 2024

Have you ever checked how the Kubernetes API works ?
I don't mean about the deployments, pods and all that "DevOps" stuff but the REST API itself.
What I see is like a nosql database, a high availability storage solution, a right management, an ability to stream events, an ability to have hooks on any action (can modify or forbid actions or perform side effects).
The idea of CRDs is actually great since that just from your data definition, you get a whole API designed already.
Do you think that, if we remove anything DevOps related from Kubernetes, the industry could use that instead of reinventing our old REST APIs again and again ? by Grimly, from airhacks discord server

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ayoubAnbara commented Mar 2, 2024

Why do you waste your time/energy by using Vscode instead of IntelliJ IDEA?

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