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Determine an UNC path from a local path (if applicable)
$Drive = $(get-location).Path
$x = new-object$Drive)
$x.drivetype | Out-Null
If ($x.drivetype -eq "Fixed") {
Write-Host "`r`n`r`nSorry," $Drive "is not a networked drive."
Else {
$currentDirectory = Get-Location
$currentDrive = Split-Path -qualifier $currentDirectory.Path
$logicalDisk = Gwmi Win32_LogicalDisk -filter "DriveType = 4 AND DeviceID = '$currentDrive'"
$unc = $currentDirectory.Path.Replace($currentDrive, $logicalDisk.ProviderName)
$output = "`r`n`r`nThe UNC Path for " + $currentDirectory + " is " + $unc
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